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In every event, the sound equipment system is one of the prerequisites affecting the success of the program. Currently, Rong Viet offers different sound packages, designed based on the scale and program concept.

For sound pack 3, Rong Viet provides an event solution for larger than 300 people - this is also the most professional package and the most supported. Not only guaranteeing the sound quality, we also provide a professional human resource system to support our customers.

For the fastest service, please contact Rong Viet directly , we will give specific advice and special offers for each time and different program framework.

Contact information

Rong Viet International Communication and Tourism Joint Stock Company

Headquarters: 28 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: 0243.766.7900

Hotline: 0972.200.808


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Sound pack 3

₫15,000,000 Regular Price
₫13,500,000Sale Price
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