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Black leather chair with kneeling legs is a VIP chair product line with the design of the seat legs in the form of a metal frame to help secure the sitting and easy to move, suitable for serving VIP guests at major events, especially. is the anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, inauguration, groundbreaking ceremony, groundbreaking, customer gratitude conference ...

Rong Viet event furniture rental is diverse in types and colors, meeting all requirements of quantity. The synchronous combination of devices will create a charm and luxury for the event. Rong Viet will advise the types of furniture suitable for each type of program and event. In particular, the layout and selection of details should be noted and considered according to the concept of each program.

In addition, event personnel are always professional in the event organization. For each service provided, Rong Viet is always dedicated and meticulous. We believe that customers will have access to the best quality products. When customers have needs, please contact Rong Viet for enthusiastic advice and get the best service.

Thank you very much.

Contact information

Rong Viet International Communication and Tourism Joint Stock Company

Headquarters: 28 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: 0243.766.7900

Hotline: 0972.200.808


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Black leather chair kneeling leg

₫200,000 Regular Price
₫160,000Sale Price
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