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The reception desk is the first picture that guests see when they come to the event, or in other words, the face of the event. Therefore, Rong Viet always focuses on providing and decorating the reception desk in the most polite and professional manner with white, yellow, blue ... Depending on the needs of customers. And for the particularity of the event, we will provide reception desks with different sizes and different decorations and decorations such as flowers, candles, glass vase, lamps and other decorative items. . We meet all requirements of the number and design of the front desk. The synchronous combination of devices creates a charm and elegance for the event. In particular, the layout and selection of details should be noted and considered according to the concept of each program. Table size: 75cm high Table top: 45/140 Height 75cm Table top 60/120 Contact information Rong Viet International Tourism and Communication Joint Stock Company Head office: 28 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi Phone : 0243.766.7900 Hotline: 0972.200.808 Email: Tags: event organization, event company, Rong Viet, event equipment, furniture, reception desk, event equipment rental

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