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Conference table with standard size of 1.2 x 0.5m is a familiar device and indispensable in most large and small ceremonies such as groundbreaking ceremony, inauguration ceremony, customer conference, anniversary celebration. ... We meet all the requirements for quantity. The synchronous combination of devices creates a charm and elegance for the event. Rong Viet will advise the types of furniture suitable for each type of program and event. In particular, the layout and selection of details should be noted and considered according to the concept of each program.

Do you know what is the biggest difference between Asian party and European party ??

🍽🍽 That is the dining culture, while European parties are usually held in the form of buffet, each person will choose their own food and eat their own plate. Meanwhile, Asian culture focuses on collectivity, so Asians often sit according to the circular table arranged in advance and communicate socially with those sitting next to them.

👉 There is usually a rotating glass in the middle of the table so that guests in the table can enjoy the full dishes

Rong Viet Event specializes in providing event tables and chairs:

✔ 10-person banquet table: Diameter = 140-160cm, rotating tray 80cm

✔ Conference table: Diameter = 120cm, Height: 60.75cm

*see pictures
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☎ 0972,200,808

With each service provided, Rong Viet is always dedicated and meticulous with the expectation that customers will use the best quality products. When customers have needs, please contact us for enthusiastic advice and get the best service.

Contact information

Rong Viet International Communication and Tourism Joint Stock Company

Headquarters: 28 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Phone: 0243.766.7900

Hotline: 0868.610.068


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Conference table (scarf and strapless skirt)

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