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Round table is an indispensable device for events held together with parties such as inauguration ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony, wedding ceremony ... A polite, luxurious banquet table is the key factor. for the party to leave a nice impression on the guests' hearts. Therefore, Rong Viet always focuses on providing and decorating the table in the most polite and professional manner.

The round table at parties that Rong Viet offers is mostly 1.6m-1.8m in diameter, as this is a standard size and suitable for most events. Depending on the needs of customers, we can advise and provide round tables with different sizes to suit. All requests for quantity as well as table decoration will be satisfied by us. The synchronous combination of devices will create a charm and luxury for the event. In particular, the layout and selection of details should be noted and considered according to the concept of each program.

With each service provided, Rong Viet is always dedicated and meticulous with the expectation that customers will use the best quality products. When customers have needs, please contact us for enthusiastic advice and get the best service.

Contact information

Rong Viet International Communication and Tourism Joint Stock Company

Phone: 0243.766.7900

Hotline: 0972.200.808


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Round banquet table (turntable)

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