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A-shaped tarpaulin is an indispensable equipment for outdoor events. Using a round umbrella will minimize the effects of weather on activities. In particular, the tarpaulin is suitable for use in mild and sunny weather. Viet Rong Events provide full sized umbrellas upon request.

The canvas house, the space rig provided by Rong Viet Event is solid and of high quality. In particular, skilled construction workers always make sure the installation is completed on schedule.

Size: 3m x 3m / house

1. Events of Rong Viet renting A-shaped canvas for ceremonies and events:

Groundbreaking ceremony for important transport works of national stature
Groundbreaking ceremony
Opening ceremony
Outdoor events, outdoor events
Opening booth, advertising products at the fair and exhibition.

2. The Viet Dragon Event is also available for rent

The space canvas
Round pillar house
Wedding tent house
Garage for parking, tarpaulins
In addition, other event equipment is also rented out:

Rental sound and light equipment
Renting event furniture
Rental podium with new designs
Flower carpet for rent
You will be using the best quality products. With organized events, Rong Viet Events always receive compliments for the quality of the products and the working capacity. So, when customers have demand, please contact Dragon Viet Event. We will bring the best services to you.


Lease of A

₫250,000 Regular Price
₫200,000Sale Price
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