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Events Rong Viet provides and rent stainless steel pillars for the event. For each customer's request, Son will advise and provide suitable equipment.

In important events, the stainless steel bar with red velvet rope is indispensable equipment. With a sleek and luxurious stainless steel barrier, it is often used at events. Columns are used to separate aisle at the reception of high-level delegations. The arrangement of the positions for the barrier columns and the forming of the fence with capacitive wire has the effect:

  • Separation to create paths
  • Fencing separating, dividing areas,
  • Draw boundaries for restricted areas
  • Set up a fence to protect products in kind or to prevent events from being organized, ...

The product is made of high quality stainless steel 201, 304, stainless, durable. Not only meticulously designed, the stainless steel bar also has a convenient hook slot for the installation of velvet rope.

Position of stainless steel barrier:

  • Lobby area
  • Corridor or areas where the event is being held
  • Areas where people are prohibited from traveling in airports, high-rise buildings,
  • Product display area, conference place, commercial center, ...
  • Walkway from the gate to the red carpet with photo booths during major events

For each program, Dragon Viet Event will have specific advice on the same quantity of equipment. You can choose from event packages:

  • Event equipment
  • Event personnel
  • Outdoor party

Viet Rong Events always have the best quality products available to you. If in need, please contact Son for advice on the best service package.


₫70,000 Regular Price
₫56,000Sale Price
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